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Comprehensive Care

Services & Coverage

BonaTerra is excited to offer you or your loved ones a variety of exclusive services within our Day Habilitation Program.




- Teach & Taste Thursdays

We offer an experiential cooking class every Thursday. Participants will have the opportunity to assist in the entire process! Choosing the snack, researching the recipe, obtaining the ingredients, preparing food and enjoying the tasty treat! The activity will encourage many life skills such as time management, task completion, sequential processing and social interaction with others. 

- On Site Gardening

Bona Terra currently offers gardening in traditional beds and planters. The care for plants and the up keep of the garden encourages processing and reasoning skill sets, utilizes gross & fine motor skills and provides a relaxing and calming activity that can help to elevate participants' moods. We are in the process of building a raised bed to offer a more accessible style of gardening to any and all participants at Bona Terra. 

- Sensory Room

Our Multi Sensory Environment provides a unique retreat for participants. With a combination of visual, auditory and tactile elements, our sensory room combines stimulating and relaxing effects to provide an unforgettable sensory experience for everyone!

- Multilingual Staff

Bona Terra has staff members who are fluent in both Spanish and English. We will happily do our best to accommodate any communication barriers that may arise during service delivery. Bona Terra is also excited to offer a Spanish Class as part of their life skills curriculum. Participants will have the option to learn Spanish in a fun and inviting environment, adapted to their needs.

- Job Skills

In an effort to help all our participants reach their maximum potential, Bona Terra offers assistance with job skills preparation. With on site computers, participants can access online job applications, job searches and other tools to increase skills in this area. Bona Terra also provides curriculum that assists individuals in learning interview skills and techniques. 
- Hearing Impaired
We have dedicated staff for those individuals who are of hearing impaired
Bona Terra Adult Day Center works primarily with Program Providers for the Home and Community-based Services program (HCS), and The Texas Home Living Program (TxHmL). Bona Terra also works with other various agencies and programs to coordinate service coverage, such as the General Revenue Fund. In addition to the methods mentioned above, we also provide services to individuals on a private basis. 
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